what i’d tell my younger self

young woman laying on her tummy, head in hands in a field of dandelions with guitar beside her
  • You’re always exactly where you need to be
  • Keep living in the moment and following your heart
  • Be yourself; whoever doesn’t like you for you, doesn’t deserve your company
  • You can’t trust everyone
  • It’s okay to say, “No” sometimes
  • I know it seems like the biggest deal in the world right now, but you’re going to laugh about this later…I promise
  • Let go of being the person you feel everyone wants you to be, and start being who you actually are; you will be so much happier
  • You don’t need to follow standards and trends to be beautiful; you can be your own beautiful
  • Don’t believe everything everyone tells you
  • Spend time around people who build you up, not break you down
  • Not everyone is going to be nice
  • It’s okay to make mistakes

– Jesse, musician, yogi, artist, empath, free spirit, love