Young man and his two boys fishing at a pier

life lessons every young man should know

Like everyone else, I’ve had to make friends with grief. It’s a natural part of life’s cycle – and no one escapes it. I work in a profession where I see death or other kinds of loss on a regular, if not daily, basis. I’ve mourned the passing of good co-workers and said goodbye to friends. And while grief can take you to a dark place, it can also be a great teacher. My grandfather was my best friend. When he died and after the aching in my chest subsided, I realized how very thankful I was to have someone in my life who taught me how to truly live. He shared with me life lessons that every young man should know – that it’s nice to help people and important to maintain a sense of humour at all times, no matter what. He taught me the importance of family and virtue of patience. Losing someone you love and experiencing grief puts things into perspective: Don’t waste time on the nonsense. Have fun, be a little goofy and enjoy this beautiful ride.

– Dan, dad, husband, family man, magician, outdoorsman >> learn more