Women sitting on a couch playing a blue cello

find your tribe

Embrace your Inner Weirdo. Let that flame burn bright. Don’t worry about fitting in or being Normal – there is no such thing (seriously, anyone who claims to be Normal is even more terrified of the world than you are, and doing their best to hide their own flame). Be exactly who you are, passionate about what you believe in, and know that no matter what you think you’re alone with, you are never alone.

You just need to find your Tribe. And by that, I don’t mean people who are exactly like you or passionate about the same things, or have had the same life experiences – I mean the people who can see your flame and help you make it shine even brighter. They’re out there, and they’re much more fun to hang around with than the people who are trying to turn you into someone you’re not. Odds are, they’ve got their own Inner Weirdo, and that’s what draws you to each other – the joy of being who you were meant to be, with people who will appreciate you in all your don’t-you-dare-call-me-normal glory. Carry an extra suit of armour for those times you need to deal with the Normal Brigade, but let your freak flag fly, and your Tribe will find you – they won’t be able to resist your absolute awesomeness.

– Alyssa, musician, writer, educator, promoter, advocate for fellow survivors of childhood sexual abuse and post-traumatic stress injuries, wine-lover, dog-addict and kinda-nutsy-embracer-of-life >> learn more