young woman and her two children swinging on a blue saucer at the park

stay sweet…see the magic in this world

If I could offer a newborn a piece of advice, it would be: “Stay sweet.” I’m not sure how or why it happened, but kids today grow up so much more quickly. They lose their sense of wonder long before they should; they stop seeing the good in everything. I want my kids to always stay sweet, to never lose the ability and desire to see the magic in this world.

We have become overwhelmingly negative as a society; we focus on the bad instead of the good. Very often when people see me out with my two young kids (who are three and one) they’ll say to me, “Oh wow, you must have your hands full.” I always cringe a little when I hear it. Yes, being a working mom with two toddlers is busy. At times, it’s exhausting (every parent can attest to that). But it’s also really wonderful.

This is why I named my business Full Heart Films – to remind myself daily of all the wonderful things in my life, the things that make my heart full. Don’t drain the joy in your life. Don’t focus on the negative. Stay sweet!

– Hinda, mother, wife, filmmaker, storyteller and budding entrepreneur >> learn more