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stories to cherish forever

I’m most grateful for the time I had with my grandparents and great grandparents. I feel incredibly fortunate to have had these wonderful people in my life into my late 20s-early 30s. I spent quality time with my grandparents, learning about my family history, and they were a big influence on who I am today.

When I was 27-years-old my dad and I made the long drive to visit my great grandmother and great grandfather. It was my great grandfather’s birthday and my great grandmother was insistent that we share in the celebrations by drinking Newfoundland blueberry wine with her. My dad warned me that she would try to get us drunk and she didn’t let us down. She questioned why we couldn’t keep up with her as my dad and I struggled to match her glass for glass. The small detail of her pouring herself a glass (about the size of a shot glass) while we were drinking from 12-ounce glasses was never challenged. We spent a lovely, if slightly intoxicating, afternoon hearing many stories about my great grandparents life.

I have written down and recorded stories about both my grandparents and great grandparents that I will cherish forever.

– Brandy, nature lover, lifelong learner, runner, wannabe yogi, hedgehog owner and real estate investor