Couple hugging, looking into each other's eyes outdoors on a walkway/trail

What makes a good relationship last?

Audrey – Love, respect and a good sense of humour make a good relationship last. Communication, compromise and being supportive of each other are also key elements. On July 9 we celebrated our 38th wedding anniversary and I love him more than ever; he is amazingly supportive and spoils me.

I can’t imagine being without him . . . okay, maybe I can get by for a few days. We have shared some great life experiences, including parenting two wonderful children – our greatest achievement. We have our ups and downs, argue, and get over it. We have fun, enjoy concerts, downtown Barrie summer patios, drinks, coffee and travelling.

Rick – A good sense of humour is definitely important in creating a lasting relationship. Audrey is my everything. We have our moments, but we try not to let things fester too long. Have a quickie argument here and there . . . have a quickie here and there! And remember to appreciate what each of us brings into our relationship.

– Audrey and Rick, married 38 years, parents of two, devoteés of Café Cappucino and Barnstormers