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i love the life i lead

I love sleep and I love my bed, but what makes me get out of bed every day definitely varies! Monday, Wednesday and Fridays, the thing that gets me out (well let me be honest, that forces me) is my personal trainer Dave Fraser from Core Evolution.

A few years ago, a friend posted on Facebook that her team was looking for a ball hockey goaltender and I figured, sure why not? I’ve been lucky enough so far to have great defence and a great team in front of me; but I didn’t get the full extent of exercise I expected. I’ve never been a person who craved going to the gym or enjoyed exercising, but as I got closer to my 30s (I’m currently 27), I thought it was the right time to refocus and start being more healthy.

I’ve always been skinny but I definitely see a difference in my energy and my body; I’m now more fit and healthier. Being a child of two military parents, I’d love to be as active as my parents were with me when I decide to have children. I’m still not a vegetable-healthy eater, but I’ve changed a lot of my ways.

Every other day that I’m not forced to attend the gym, I wake up
because I love the life I lead. I’m lucky to have found an amazing
boyfriend who makes me feel so blessed and I love my career. As a real estate agent, I get to meet a vast variety of clients. It’s a great feeling to help them find that perfect house to call home. Throughout my career, I’ve been able to meet so many people, many who went from clients to great friends. I take pride in what I do and hope to continue this career for many years to come. There’s no greater satisfaction than helping someone and putting a smile on their face.

– Heather, real estate agent, goaltender, hockey and coffee lover >> learn more