failure has humbled me

male in a suit in alley way, wearing glasses and blue tie

If I could not fail, I would never achieve or appreciate success.  Throughout my lifetime I’ve made a series of choices.  Some good, some bad.  As many people have said before me, it’s often the poor choices that I learned the most from.  When it comes to my career, I’ve always put great emphasis on making the right choice to lead me to success.  Many of these attempts at success have ended in failure and have ultimately led me to my true calling.  I am incredibly grateful for my failures, because without them I would be stuck in a job I didn’t like working towards a goal I didn’t want.  Failure has taught me; it has humbled me and it has helped me grow into the person I am today; without it I would be nowhere.

– Jordan, family man, realtor, living the dream >>learn more