become part of something bigger

bearded man in plaid shirt, arms crossed in building

If you see the world through headlines and news feeds, it can be easy to say the outlook is grim. From a distance, the world can look calloused, marred, and rotting through and through. But when you engage and get involved, I mean, really pitch in and get your hands dirty, there’s a beauty in the world you can only see from up close.

It’s no secret you can change lives by giving your time and energy, but what often goes unmentioned – and what’s truly magical – is the humanity and the hope that’s revealed through selfless giving. The world looks more promising, the outlook, less bleak. When you give of yourself, you suddenly see the potential the world holds. And what’s more, you see the countless others who are giving tirelessly of themselves as well.

Yes, you notice the undeniable need and the harsh injustice, but you also witness the inspiring determination of those who are willing to do what they can to help. You see the world for what it can be and yourself for what you can do. You become part of something bigger – the upswing, the rebound, and the change you wish to see in the world. You become an agent of change and you become an inspiration for the next person who wonders, Why should I give? 

– Liam Squires, father, innovator, challenger, giver and founder of >> learn more