dismantling everything i thought i knew

woman in white dress standing against red brick wall, wearing glasses, shoulder length hair

I work daily in a practice of active listening where within every encounter, I work to still my internal dialogue in order to hear/see/feel clearly what is around me. When I am successful, I sense a peaceful space where everything is possible.

Holding this space requires me to fearlessly practise what I describe as ‘dismantling everything I thought I knew about myself and life’ – both the good and the bad. I essentially drop the stories and descriptors that I could use to define myself within any encounter and respond using only that which presents itself in the moment.

Showing up in a life, without expectations or an agenda, requires being okay with life’s impermanence and vastness. Being okay with impermanence and vastness requires being held in community and nature.

– Sue, current caretaker of Sand Forest Farm with her husband Roy and dog Percy