woman kneeling down by bench with a jar of food in her hand

so much greater than always playing it safe

Over the past decade, I checked off every box imaginable. You know, those boxes you hope to never check off? Death. Sickness. Surgeries. Depression. Sudden loss. And all by age 30. There were days I didn’t think I would, or could, go on.

Yet somehow, somewhere, I knew my life purpose and reach was much greater than the accumulation of hard times. Bigger than my circumstances. With time (ahem, God…a fabulous therapist…and friends), my heart began to heal. And something beautiful happened: I began to dream again. Constant pressure and fear, swept away and replaced by peace and love. Passion, much like a small garden, started to bloom again. Hardness, softened. I began to see people for more than their “face value”. The painful years I endured allowed me to appreciate people for the stories that shaped them into who they are today. I knew I wanted to have an impact on their lives.

So, after returning to school to study nutrition, I determined food would become my tool to reach them. We all have to eat. But to eat mindfully – now that was an idea I wanted to run with! And to somehow make eating simple and sustainable at the same time. (After all, life is challenging enough.) In order to do this, I knew I had to do it boldly. It required risk – which according to Webster’s Dictionary means, “The possibility that something bad or unpleasant such as injury or loss will happen.” But I thought, “Injury or loss? Been there, done that.” And thus, Jars. came to fruition.

Is leaping scary? Heck yes. Every day this endeavour forces me to face my fears and walk by faith. But it’s exciting! It’s so much greater than always playing it safe, and I encourage anyone with an inkling of wanting to set sail on a new adventure, no matter how big or small, to go for it. Choose risk over regret every day. I know I will.

– Katie, passionate, outgoing, innovative, friend, partner, think-outside-of-the-box’er, dare’er, lover of life, risk taker >> learn more