Young woman with long black hair and glasses, colourful dress with trees and trail as background

it’s probably karma

If I could relive one moment from my life, I would choose the day my younger brother Nicolas was born. I was almost three-years-old and my parents told me that when they introduced me to Nicolas, I was expecting a baby sister. My first words to him were, “I guess he’ll do.”

I’d love to go back to that moment and tell my younger self that this baby brother is way better than any sister she could have imagined – he’s going to grow up to be your best friend and, in a few years, the two of you will be inseparable. He’s always going to have your back, he’s going to be one of the few people who can always cheer you up and make you smile, and you’re going to be so incredibly proud of him as you watch him grow up to be the kindest, most loving and caring, hard-working, and gifted artist and human being.

Also, don’t steal his giraffe toy and swap it with the turtle Dad bought for you; one day he’s going to be taller and faster than you, and it’s probably karma.

– Kayla, sister, daughter, friend, aspiring writer and professor, history grad student 2015-2016