black lab laying down looking up at camera

sleep, dream…repeat

Imagine a life where there are no deadlines, no worries, no regrets. A life where you wake up truly excited about the day ahead. This is the life of Willy. Is he naive…or has he discovered the meaning of living in the moment?

An average day

Wake up, stretch, roll around, nudge your human, eat, go outside, do your business, lay on couch, look out window, sleep, dream, wake up (again), go for walk, meet other humans and their canine, sniff their bum, run, walk through puddle, chase ball, sniff, sniff, sniff, chase more balls, carry stick, chew stick, ride in car, stare out car window, come home, get treat, lie down, roll around, lay on couch, watch human closely, eat, rub face on carpet, roll around, go to human for scratches, lie down beside dinner table, watch humans eat, sniff floor for crumbs, lie down, go outside, do your business, get treat, lie on couch, watch out window, sleep, wake up when human goes to bed, lie down on bed, sleep, dream…repeat.

– Willy, canine, friend, companion, comic relief, dirtier of house, car, pant legs, etc.