i see love as fluid, unconditional, and far from perfect

blonde girl with pink top standing in middle of railroad tracks, all smiles

We hear, see, and feel love all around us: the word itself, the concept, the feelings attached.

Love for me, is more than ‘that feeling.’ Love has taught me to self-reflect, deconstruct emotions and my critical thoughts, and to trust in the moment given to me. Love has shown me that it can evolve in unimaginable ways. There are times love can resemble a fairytale; it is magically realistic, and sometimes difficult to accept. I see love as fluid, unconditional, and far from perfect.

Above all, love continues to demonstrate that it is challenging, in a way that perhaps we have all experienced. What is the challenging part? It is essentially learning to love myself. There was a time when I never believed that was feasible. But what is growing to be clearer is that through adversity, internal criticism, and accepting of love, I trust that I deserve to love the person I am, with all flaws included.

I’ve learned that love can offer a magnitude of possibilities, in ways we cannot predict.

– Katie, social worker, advocate, quirky, hippy-awkward-chic