little boy sitting in the grass wearing jeans and a plaid shirt, holding toddler shoes

the world through my eyes

Today, I am one. The world through my eyes is blueberries and Daddy kisses and cuddles with Momma. I love dogs, hugs and toilet bowl water splashing—in that perfect moment when you’ve left the lid up and the door is open—pure bliss!

My world is sleepy eyes opening, sleepy eyes closing, and I must touch everything in between. My world is tasted. Do you taste everything? You have to taste everything. I eat books … you should try this. I don’t know what you do with them, but they’re delicious. Is that your phone? Can I have it? … If only I could get my hands on whatever it is you’re drinking; I think I’d like to drink it too.

In my world, everything is new. I haven’t seen that before. That noise is really loud. Where did that come from? I like your smile.

The world looks like love through my eyes. Momma. And Daddy. Stay close. I have kisses for you. I’m glad you’re both here. This day is perfect.

– Colton, explorer, bath tub-splasher, dancer, rescuer of toilet paper from the cupboard, dedicated to making people smile