Where is your happy place?

Woman in light blue tee and dark pants sits at side of a swimming pool in a backyard

I love being in the water. It could be a swimming pool, a lake, or the ocean. I love the feeling of the water rushing over me as I swim through it. I love to float on top of the water with just enough to keep me cool. I enjoy looking up at the beauty of the blue sky, tall trees and tiny planes as they travel through the fluffy clouds.

I have always loved the water and I always look forward to the summer when I can hang out in my happy place. My brain shifts from ‘fast forward’ to ‘pause’ as soon as I get in the water as my focus changes to right here, right now.

Water is a place where all of my aches, pains, and worries are replaced with a feeling of being just right. As the days of summer dwindle, I am aware that the days spent in my happy place will be fewer and fewer. I always wonder: will today be my final float, my final swim, my final day spent in this great location? In preparation of this, I commit to memory how I feel when I am in my happy place. Then I have something great to think about, to get me through the cooler months. This is my happy place. Where is yours?

– Carol, wife, friend, dog lover, water baby and frequent purchaser of waterproof mascara