there’s an incredible pulse around us

young woman lying in a field, red lipstick, shoulder length hair

I’ve noticed over the past decade or so a change in the way my generation relates to one another. When I was younger, I was often the kid on the playground talking to the kid everyone made fun of. Many of my teachers and peers didn’t understand. Uniqueness and creativity weren’t valued.

I’m not sure when it happened along the way – but a shift occurred. Maybe it was the explosion of technology, the resistance to the sensationalism of media or government agendas, or our knowledge that the earth is in distress from all the garbage we’ve fed it. But something gave way. Now there’s an incredible pulse around us. An openness to each other that wasn’t there before.

We even consume things differently – with more intention, mindfulness and thought. Being different is no longer looked upon as strange. It’s the norm. We embrace it. And through art and self-expression we even celebrate it.

– Michelle, curious, quirky, truth-seeker, multidisciplinary artist, approachable, ambivert, expressive, loves to examine the space between things, >> learn more