i’ve got pretty good hearing for an old guy

Hampster close up, friendly-looking

Humans are really hit and miss in my house. The smallest one seems to do the most work for me but is highly scattered; sometimes I have two water bottles, sometimes a plethora of veggie treats, sometimes none. I do work the others with my cuteness, usually guilting them into holding me, letting me outside or petting me. I like giving them the occasional bite to remind them of my wild side.

I certainly let them know when I hear the crisper drawer in the fridge that I’m expecting a treat too. I’ve got pretty good hearing for an old guy. Sometimes they call me squaky since I have no qualms letting them know a treat is well overdue.

–  Hugo, gregarious guinea pig, friendly (especially to those who look snuggle worthy or like they might have food), bellicose when hunger strikes but tranquil at other times