celebrate your uniqueness

two dads with their son downtown Barrie

Throughout our lives we’ve encountered people who are afraid to be themselves – whether it’s their gender identity or sexual orientation – because of religion, family and society. So many people never reach their full potential because of the ignorance, close-mindedness and misinformation of others.

We, as a family, have never let others define who or what we are because of their perception of what makes a family. Even before adopting our son, we lived as who we are, with no apologies.

Having the courage to be yourself is liberating. Throughout our lives we have gone against the grain, pushed ourselves out of our comfort zones and are hopefully, passing this independence on to our son, students and community.

The perfect day for us, is one in which everyone regardless of age, gender, sexuality, religion, race, or ethnicity is free to be their authentic selves and celebrate their own uniqueness to enrich the lives of others.

– Colin, activist, parent, community builder >> learn more

– Jason, teenager, gamer, builder

– Joe, teacher, gardener, water polo player