woman with short dark hair, beautiful smile, outdoors in her backyard wearing a blue hoodie

there is no one in this world i would rather be with

I know this may sound like something I “should say” – but nothing could be more true: I wish I’d met my husband sooner. Our meeting was by chance and our relationship was filled with, what appeared to be, insurmountable roadblocks…but we did it.

We met as seasoned adults and have 10 years difference in age. So we decided to start our family very shortly after marrying with one goal in mind – enjoying retired life together, just the two of us.

Having the belief you will “grow old” with someone is a comforting feeling, however, wishing you could have “gotten older” with that very same someone is a different story.

As each day passes, we never know if it will be our last, we never know if we will actually “grow old” with one another. But I can tell you this, there is no one in this world I would rather be with yesterday, today or tomorrow, than my husband.

– Amy, committed, caring, silly, stubborn, friendly