a regret is just a dream ready to be revived

man in black shirt; head shot; behind him red brick

My biggest regret is giving up on a dream I had several years ago.  A lifetime ago it seems. I quit something way too early in life and it has haunted me since. I wasn’t the fighter I am today. Oh, hold on a minute. What is that peering around the corner up ahead? That’s newly developed confidence you say. Is that what that looks like? I like the look of that. So a regret is just a dream ready to be revived? Yes, I rather like the sound of that too! It’s coming from working toward a better way of thinking, and with the support of the fabulous people in my life? Now that makes it all truly sweeter! I think I’ll see where that perspective takes us.

– Richard, father, son, brother, uncle, BFF, bestie, singer, entrepreneur