what does love mean to me?

Two females, a couple, holding hands in a coffee shop and looking into each other's eyes

Wow, so many things. First, the absence of fear. Knowing I can be my whole self and be safe there. Laughter and playfulness…wide open. Listening, not only to my partner, but also to the dialogue inside my own head. Moving others’ voices out so I can communicate one-on-one. Supporting each other both in and outside of the relationship. Trusting that we’re right where we belong.

– Kelly, dragon boat enthusiast, home renovation junkie, wannabe musician

Authenticity. When you can be your true self, then it’s true love. You should never have to compromise who you are to be with another person. And when you find that person? Magic…And, also what my wife said.

– Leanne, singer, nature enthusiast, chronic self explorer