if i could do something dangerous just once, with no risk, I would…

female twins in a cheese shop, behind the counter

…take my children out of school and sail around the world. I would love for my family to feel the freedom of sailing the world and have the opportunity to experience different cultures. Life is so demanding and competitive these days and we expect so much from our children from an early age. An opportunity like this would enable them to experience life in a different way and learn things that we are not able to learn from books.

– Lorna, mom, wife, twin, book lover, chef and cheese expert

…go skydiving. I imagine that the exhilaration and adrenaline rush from free falling, before the parachute is opened, would be feelings that I would never forget. It would be just me up there with the air rushing past and total freedom until my feet are back on the ground and back to reality.

– Alyson, twin, sister, entrepreneur, cheese lover

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