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i had two options…

The hardest thing I ever did was admit to myself that my infant son was not your typical child and that he had all the signs of a child soon to be diagnosed with Autism. This has led me down a path I would not have carved out for myself, but am so grateful for.

After making the decision to get the diagnosis, I had two options: sit back and ignore the diagnosis or be proactive. I chose the proactive route and decided to gain as much knowledge as possible and become an ASD advocate.

By admitting this and going the distance for my son, I now see him blossoming into a young boy full of promise and great potential.

He has brought me joy, pain, tears and triumph. This journey for us is long but over, however, I can say without a doubt that his ASD diagnosis is not a limitation but rather a learning journey that together we will conquer.

– Katherina, ambitious, content, reliable, driven, caring, soulful, determined, detail-oriented