young asian woman in a coffee shop looking out the window

we took a chance, sticking a pin in the map

When I was a little girl growing up in Calgary, I never sat still. I was like Dora the Explorer and travelled the city by any means possible – walking, biking, bus and finally, at 16, driving. I was restless, and in my 20s I found love across the Atlantic Ocean and flew to live abroad. I married a man who also travelled the world with the British Royal Air Force. We found ourselves exhausted from the weight of our backpacks, needing a place to rest and settle our feet. We took a chance, sticking a pin in the map and found ourselves in Barrie – our most favourite place on earth!

Eight years later and we have grown to be part of this community and seen it develop into something amazing and comforting. As a hairdresser, I love hearing and meeting people who are Barrie-born and Barrie proud. We are happy here and know that you will fall in love with this place also!

– Esther, enthusiastic, cheerful, adaptable, foodie, “sit-outside-with-wine” lover! >> learn more