Woman painting on a large canvas in her studio

i have developed compassion

If my life was a book, it would be titled Overcome, Overcome, Overcome. As a single mother of two at the ripe oaked (I love red wine, merlot in particular) age of 47 and doing my Bachelor of Science in Nursing full-time at the same college as my 21-year-old daughter, my life and time is limited.

I’m an artist who works in acrylic paint. Free-flowing creations appear in the reworking of mixing the paint on the canvas with a clear heart and mind – and it’s art therapy for me. Out of necessity, after my husband left my children and I in 2008, I had to overcome two acquired brain injuries to make money to feed my kids, pay my mortgage and other bills, and keep my car on the road.

Unqualified for social assistance, I had to utilize the skills within me. I cleaned cottages for a living, worked for an interior decorator, and painted abstract paintings to sell in order to feed my children.

Over the past 10 years I have overcome so much on so many levels. These experiences have increased my compassion for others. I have converted my house into a home of refuge for those who are struggling, and created a safe place for them to heal emotionally, financially, and be loved unconditionally.

This drive is part of the fibre of my being and purpose in becoming a nurse. I want to take the best care possible of every patient in my practice.

–Brenda, mother, artist, student, wine lover, humanitarian >> learn more