woman in colourful shirt, short dark hair and glasses, holding tree trunk

music lives in our home

Even though I love the journey I am on right now, if I were reborn, one thought has often crossed my mind. I wish I had expressed my interest in playing guitar as a child. I have learned that life is unmistakably more enjoyable if you have a passion that ignites your fire, takes over your daily thoughts and allows you to lose yourself in your happy place. Playing the guitar does that for me. At the age of 40, I finally picked up the guitar for the first time. I have learned to keep rhythm alongside my husband, who is a drummer, and occasionally play in a family band for friends and family. But most importantly, I play for myself. Music lives in our home. I will continue to play, not for fame or riches, but like most musicians, for the sheer joy it brings into my life.

–Karen, wife, mother, caregiver, entrepreneur, soft-spoken, driven, nature lover, live music enthusiast >> learn more