people need to slow down and learn how to be with themselves

young woman bent down with a puppy at the SPCA

If I could send a message to everyone in the world, I would tell them to practise self-love. To reverse the brainwashing we’ve all been exposed to since we were kids that makes each of us believe we aren’t enough in some way.

We’re either not skinny enough or smart enough, just never enough. We’re bombarded with these advertisements that overwhelm our senses with loud music and enticing graphics. We’re being controlled by master manipulators who use our own emotions against us as a weakness.

Modern society and the media have the majority of people convinced that we need their products and services to become a better person. But the exciting thing is there are the people who realize this is false, and that to be the best version of yourself is to live as your true self.

Not just accepting that your thighs are big but loving your jiggly thighs, and not just giving up on academics because you don’t thrive in math but pursuing your other skills.

In a world that is extremely chaotic, people need to slow down and learn how to be with themselves. If everyone were to practise self-love, kindness would conquer judgement and the world would be a more pleasant place to live.

We’re all good enough; don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, especially not yourself.

– Sarah, kind-hearted, animal lover, imaginative, tree hugger, humanitarian, old soul