young woman dressed in cycling gear, standing with bike in bike shop

when have you felt most alive?

Hands down, when I’m riding my bikes! You know that feeling or look a kid gets when they see candy? It’s like that! I started riding bikes in the summer of 2005 and it quite literally changed my life. I had never felt that ALIVE and this feeling of aliveness came from so deep inside of me…at my core. It started out with downhill mountain biking, then I got into cross-country mountain biking, then road cycling and most recently track cycling in the veledrome. I love them all.

Riding bikes is like setting yourself free. Yep, it’s freedom! It’s not about the racing or even the goal setting, for me anyway. It’s pure passion for how it makes me feel every time I go out. I feel HAPPY, accomplished, alive, giddy, inspired, FREE, on top of the world. It’s where I get some of my best ideas and A-HA moments, and most of the time I don’t think when I’m on the bike, which is why I equate it to meditation.

Imagine it’s a bluebird day and the lighting is incredible over the farm fields, you’re riding in Oro, the breeze whipping past you is warm, the smell of summer in the air and suddenly this calm voice inside you says, “Really…like wow! Is this my life? Is there anything better than this? I feel so lucky!”

On the flip side of that, and why it is so awesome because of its diversity, biking can be very strategic. Say you decide to learn to ride in a group or you try riding with a faster group and you’re learning where to place yourself so you don’t have to work as hard (and to hang on!) and all of the etiquette and skills that go with that to be a smoother, faster and more skilled rider.

In the end, all of it takes your mind to another place. It takes you away from any sort of issues you have going on in your life. It’s like an escape. It’s my form of meditation and what makes me feel ALIVE! AND the people you get to meet along the way! Incredibly grateful for it…

– Paige, nutritionist and cycling coach for women at Pura Vida Performance, enthusiastic, passionate, positive, friendly, motivated, honest, courageous >> learn more