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that moment left an indelible mark

I’d love to have a conversation with JFK. His death was one of the most defining moments in my life. It was one of only a few times I’ve seen my mother cry. I was in grade one and they sent us home. My mother was in her apron, glued to the television, bawling. I thought to myself, “The sky must be falling.” In front of me this gracious, wonderful, giving being was grieving the death of a man she’d never met. For him to have had that kind of impact on her…wow.

To this day, I can still see Walter Cronkite delivering the news. Still remember the agony on my mother’s face. That moment left an indelible mark. I’ve become somewhat of a JFK enthusiast. And while I’d ask him about Marilyn, the Cuban Missile Crisis and his time in the military…I’d really want to tell him about my mom. About how much he touched her life and mine without knowing.

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