always keep an eye on squirrels

dog with its tongue sticking out sitting in alley way

I love my life and my two-legged pack. Sleeping with the pack: I graciously share my large, soft bed with them. Exercising with the pack: they can’t run as far or as fast as I can, but they keep up by sitting on a device with two spinning pieces of rubber and letting me pull them along. Spending time with my pack: I’m at the center of every gathering. And, of course, protecting my pack from the wild hordes of squirrels, rabbits and cats (and a lone guinea pig) that menace our home. My advice to anyone wanting a life as awesome as mine: exercise and sleep as much as you can, preferably with your pack, and always keep an eye on squirrels.

– Fram, nature lover, born to run, foodie, and sleep aficionado