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I welcome the connection between mind and body

As a young person, I found safety and control in listening to my head. As an adult with lived experience, I learned that listening to my heart leads to vulnerability and connection. My present day journey has me embracing the messages coming from my gut. I believe it is in this space I will find wisdom, authenticity and my most grounded sense of self.

I am married with five children ranging in age from 8 to 21. I began motherhood thinking I needed to pave the way for my kids, and be the answer to all their questions. I have learned instead to trust in the tools I have provided, and to embrace my children’s journey as their own.

I work at the Women and Children’s Shelter here in Barrie. Much like in my personal life, when I started my position at the shelter I assumed I needed all the answers. I thought my job was done well if I provided all the necessary information and advocacy for women experiencing gender-based violence. What I learned after nearly 15 years with the shelter is the importance of personal work. I learned I can make a more authentic connection with others by taking the journey within.

In addition to working at the shelter, I am a certified personal trainer, and teach spin classes. Training was another space in which I felt I needed all the answers. I learned I can make a greater impact with clients and members by encouraging them to embrace their truth and the wisdom within their bodies as I do the same.

Looking back I am able to realize I began my role as a wife, mother, women’s advocate, personal trainer and instructor living in my head similar to when I was younger. Years later, I have embraced the learning found when the need for control is removed. I am now inviting myself and those I am able to spend time with to welcome the connection between the mind and body. I believe it is in this authentic and vulnerable space where we may find health and healing physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

– Danielle, wife, mother, advocate for strong and empowered women, certified personal trainer, crazy and mindful spinner, loud and positive soccer coach, eternal seeker of inner strength and personal growth >> learn more