woman in blue shirt and grey blazer, dark hair, stands at library

it’s a place to connect with people

When I was younger I wanted to be a couple of things: an astronaut, a computer programmer or a librarian; but I loved researching, and when I thought I could get paid to learn and read books all day I said, “Sign me up!”

The funny thing is that being a librarian has very little to do with reading books all day, and libraries have changed a lot since I was a kid. It is still a place for people to come to read and study, but it’s also a place where people come to use the internet, make robots, get help with learning how to use their tablets and computers, and so much more.

The space of the library is a place where people come to hang out, and share ideas with other people. It’s a place to connect with people, and I learn more from other people every day than I do from reading books.

– Tracy, Master of Information, gregarious, adventure-seeker, well-rounded cool kid >> learn more