woman with copper hair, red shirt, hoop earrings, leaning against red brick in alley

beautiful is catching those few rare moments

The meaning of the word “beautiful” has changed drastically for me over the past few years. I think as you get older, you start to notice the real beauty in life. And it’s not what is thrust upon us as kids and teenagers from all angles of media.

This is a sample of what beautiful currently means to me: Beautiful is confidence. Not being afraid to be you, take chances, standing up for yourself and what is right. Beautiful is strong and healthy….whatever shape that happens to be. It means embracing those imperfections and realizing we all have them and it’s ok.

Beautiful is completing a tough workout, drenched in sweat, pushing yourself to the edge of your limits then lying on the floor feeling proud that you did it (and survived). Even better is completing that workout with your significant other and knowing you both are healthier for it. Beautiful is catching those few rare moments when your kids are sitting together, helping each other instead of arguing and hitting each other…smiling from the other side of the room feeling like you are doing something right.

Beautiful is laughing with friends and family. Nothing is more beautiful than a smile.

– Jennifer, CrossFit athlete, health and wellness advocate, entrepreneur, childcare provider, dedicated, goal-orientated, mom of 2, busy body!