Man in blue ski jacket wearing snowshoes, standing just under a tree, baseball hat on

the wilderness amazes and grounds me

The thing that cheers me up the most is exercise – especially in nature. Whether it’s mountain biking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, rock climbing, canoeing, or simply hiking, the wilderness amazes and grounds me. And the workout settles my mind and body.

I try to find activities that are in sync with the seasons and the current weather conditions, and because they are ever-changing, so am I. When my body is tired, or I am starting to feel the symptoms of a cold or flu, I ease off on the big activities and focus on yoga and meditation so that my body can heal and my spirit can rejuvenate. It’s great fun when others join me in activities, but I am comfortable doing them alone and it gives me time to reflect.

I think of exercise as an essential part of life – something that is needed every day, like food, water, sleep and love. When I short myself on any one of these, I’m not at my best, and I suffer mentally and physically. Exercise in nature has such a profound positive effect on my mental disposition and I have seen the same effect in others. Gotta get my daily dose!

– Ron, sentient being doing my best in the roles of professor, father, lover, friend, and caring and compassionate citizen >> learn more