woman in flowered top and jeans standing in front of large maple tree

do not wait for your tomorrows or somedays

Life isn’t easy. It isn’t simple; it is difficult, hard, excruciating at times, it is filled with successes and errors, fullness and emptiness. It is filled with cruelty and kindness, insecurities and confidences. It is filled with hatred and love, spitefulness and wonder. Life isn’t just one simple place. It is a place where most of us are uncomfortable and can feel unwelcome.

Every day we are surrounded by a world full of negativity and judgement. We forget the true meaning of life and immerse ourselves in what everyone else is saying, thinking, doing, breathing and feeling. We forget about ourselves and completely get lost in everyone else.

Your life awaits you. You control it, you breathe it, you earn it and you are it. Do not wait for your tomorrows or somedays; they may never happen. Be exactly who you want to be and not what everyone else expects you to be. Be kind, be thoughtful, be honest, be respectful, be courageous but most importantly be whatever it is you are feeling and acknowledge it. Embrace every day as if it were your last. Tell people how you feel, forget the people who don’t care. Love unconditionally and accept those in your life for who they are and not who you want them to be.

Your life is your journey, you write the pages, you take the pictures, and you are the creator. Time awaits you and time passes you by. Take a moment each day to be thankful for yourself and the novel you have written.

– Laura, mom, yogi, sister, giver, soulful, blogger, nurturer, goofy, believer, lover, caring >> learn more