nothing left unanswered

man in a red dress shirt holding up his art

My perfect day begins perfectly with me awakening from a deep slumber to a golden sunrise over the sea. Misting, glittering waves lapping upon the sandy beaches in the view. Romance in the air.

After a long afternoon of indulging in luxuries, I will realize the instant gratification of earthly pleasures is fleeting. There is more to life than hedonistic desire. My awareness will be heightened.

I will achieve a Nirvana-like consciousness. There will be an awakening in me and, conversely, the whole world will be awakened.

On my perfect day, humanity will evolve past greed and deception. The value of money will be just an illusion.

I will sing to crowds of millions peacefully gathered, no tickets necessary.

On my perfect day, everyone will love themselves for the beautiful, unique beings they are.

On my perfect day, there will be no victims; only victors.

On my perfect day, everyone will be innocent.

On my perfect day, true beauty will be celebrated.

Beggars dine with kings.

Lambs will leap among lions.

Nothing left unanswered.

My perfect day is yet to come.

– Andrew, singer, artist, painter, son, student and activist