it’s our job to open and receive

woman with long dark hair leaning on a mantle, all smiles

I’m an ABUNDANT Receiver!

At 16, my single mom died suddenly of a heart attack. Overnight I was orphaned, living on the streets of Toronto. Fast forward to today, I have everything I ever wanted… and MORE is on the way! I shed my slavegirl rags and now I live in a home by the lake with my soulmate and our amazing boys.

I’m surrounded by inspiring people and am living out all my dreams, in this lifetime.

The universe is on its tippy toes trying to give to me, like a lover— attentive to my every need.

It’s our job to get out of the way and open to receive all the good that wants to flow in. But for many of us, we have become achievers instead of receivers.

‘Making it happen’ and accomplishing a lot is awesome—but the dark side of too much achieving and not enough receiving is burn out! Tragically, it took losing my beautiful mom to learn that.

So, the legacy I’m living is my transformation. Now I am an Abundant Receiver and I love showing others how they can be too!

– Shakaya, vivacious, creative, expressive, rich, empress, loyal and gentle >> learn more