invigorated by laughter, elevated by applause

young man in baseball hat and white jacket, sitting on couch, all smiles

The moment I feel most alive is performing or presenting to a group of people.

I used to be in a rap group that would perform at concerts. This led me to freestyle battling which put me in front of a crowd, improvising lyrics to insult my opponent. This led me to hosting events, club nights and even singles speed dating. This led me to hosting a hip-hop radio show with my wife. This led me to being a member of the Victoria, BC spoken word community. This led me to performing my first stand-up comedy routine. This led me to presenting at Georgian College for other students to understand my career path.

All of these opportunities mean one thing, I am alive when I have the opportunity to entertain and engage groups of people. I am invigorated by laughter and elevated by applause. I am thrilled when someone decides to boo, even if it was my wife’s fault.

It’s not about how these moments make me feel. My feeling alive occurs because, through my presentation or performance, I have caused you to feel an emotion and express it. Ultimately, I prefer when people feel good and if my presentation or performance can be a small part of the reason for that good feeling…that gets me jacked up.

– Todd, Marketing Director at Pratt Homes, funny, passionate, intense, motivated, enthusiastic, outgoing, clever >> learn more