young man in black pea coat and tie in alley way, snow blowing, wearing glasses

magic becomes real

As a magician, I have performed at countless events – from children’s birthday parties with a handful of people, to hundreds at large corporate fundraisers. No matter what the event is, invariably I am asked, “Do you believe in magic?” My response surprises some.

Everything I do is mere illusion, manipulation of the mind, or sleight of hand. For me, magic happens not in the performance, but in the minds and faces of people I amaze when I perform.

In a world as advanced as ours, where cars can drive themselves and almost every question can be answered in seconds with a quick search on Google, there is very little that is still a mystery.

As we grow older, wonder seems to disappear.

Magic becomes real when I see children’s faces filled with astonishment and observe the bewildered expressions of adults who are transported back to a time when they were young and everything was full of wonder.

– Owen, magician, illusionist, performer, creator of wonder >> learn more