man in a black suit and white collar shirt leaning against red brick, smiling

most people are basically good

I have never given up on people. Being mayor means you see all sides of people, the best, the worst, the engaged, the indifferent. But people have a way of amazing me in a good way.

For every petty or malicious act or message I see, they are outweighed (by far) by those who are striving for excellence, doing something new, innovative, or creative, or showing compassion in the midst of adversity.

Although sometimes failure is magnified and success ignored in our society, it isn’t what I see as mayor…and even though some days it can get you down, I maintain the same basic premise I’ve always had – that most people are basically good and want to improve both their lot in life and the lot of those around them. Not all – but most – and those are who I want to work with and for.

– Jeff, father, husband, economist, Mayor of Barrie, drummer and awful backing vocalist for Sonic Coalition >> learn more