woman in striped skirt, black shirt and jean jacket sits on front porch, blonde hair, all smiles

life chose for me

For as long as I can remember, I wanted it all. The only problem was my perception of having it all: work, materials and status. When I graduated in 2001 with my freshly-printed journalism diploma in my hand, I thought that was my ticket to making it to a network news show, anchoring by age 30, eventually producing, etc. My whole life was planned out in my head and having it all meant having that big job, no matter what the cost.

Then I met my husband; seven years later we had a child and everything changed. While I still chased those dreams, my heart was at home with my family and surrounded by amazing friends. I felt torn, but I wasn’t ready to choose one or the other. In my head, I had it all, but I was miserable.

Thankfully, life chose for me. I am so grateful that I learned (albeit the hard way) that it’s not a job that matters, it’s the people around you who matter. So, what would I tell the world if I could? Be appreciative of the gifts you are given, the rest doesn’t matter. That’s the true definition of having it all.

– Apryl, kind, creative, dreamer, optimist, procrastinator, foodie and mom >> learn more