man sitting, leaning on drums, swearing long-sleeved red collar shirt

may I continue to be inspired by the music which will shape our future

When one thinks of legacies, what usually comes to mind is property, houses, money, etc. As for me, I became aware in my 30s that my legacy is my work documenting great music for future musicians of the world to listen to and study.

Since I am a percussionist, and it seems we are currently living in the golden age of percussion instruments, it is fitting that much of the music I have produced features percussion instruments. My long-time association with NEXUS, one of the world’s first and foremost ensembles made up entirely of percussionists, seemed to cement that reality for me.

Indeed a significant amount of my work from the 1970s to now has been dedicated to the recorded documentation of some of the most important percussion music ever written and improvised. May I continue to be inspired by the music which will shape our future.

– Ray, musician, record producer, drummer, percussionist, nerd, recordist, physics enthusiast, airplane lover, wanna-be-chef, inquisitive, resourceful and stubborn