Woman leaning against wooden railing, stream below

my biggest achievement?


I can say I’ve never excelled at one specific thing. I am, however, mediocre at many things. This may appear as underachieving but this has taught me one of the most important skills I have: how to balance my life.

As a mother of two young kids, a full-time paramedic and a musician in my spare time, having a balanced life is key. People are easily consumed with their career, their passion or trying to be the best parent. What works best for me and allows me to be great in all my roles, is making sure I do the things that make me happy.

Easier said than done. Here is my recipe for balance…prioritize, say no, be comfortable with not pleasing everyone, ask for and seek out help, build a support team, write it down, don’t give into guilt and communicate intentions. If all else fails, naps and coffee keep me going!

As with everything, there will be failure and challenges. Accept them, move forward and follow your path to the best you.

– Cara, caring, fun, determined, thoughtful, leader, independent >> learn more