Woman in black and red blazer, leaning on window sill

laugh more, love harder

My biggest accomplishment should be my career and all that I’ve been able to realize at Georgian in my leadership role – and at the various other organizations I’ve worked for; I’ve had an amazing career so far and have dedicated so much to the organizations I’ve been part of. I love my work…

But really, my biggest accomplishment has been being a mom. Having two young, beautiful and energetic boys has taught me much more about life…to laugh more, love harder, accept what I cannot change, and adapt to whatever comes my way.

Many days I feel I’m learning more about me and being a mom than I am teaching my kids (although I know it is a two-way street). Patience – not one of my virtues – has been my biggest learning…to stop, listen, and enjoy the moment (good or bad) with the little people in my life who are so quickly becoming independent and strong, confident boys. I love watching them grow, learn, love life and be part of our family. And, balance – I’m so grateful for learning this skill. It’s crucial for any working mom who has to stop and make time for the most important parts of life that pass by so quickly.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned? That my mom was right – and I now know it as a mom myself!

– Lisa, happy, successful, hardworking, dedicated, loving mom to two energetic boys, wife and partner, gardener, volunteer, mentor/teacher, fundraiser >> learn more