Woman in black tank top, white and black striped skirt sitting on front porch

wouldn’t trade it for the world

Truth be told, my favourite place on earth is my home. I grew up in our beautiful city, but the house my husband and I bought is truly my safe place. I can be myself, I am comfortable and this house holds a lot of memories.

I love when all of my people gather, it fills me with joy. My kids were born and raised here and my husband and I continue to evolve and grow and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

The only other place where I have outwardly stated, “Sell the house! We are moving here!” was in Chartres, France. There is absolutely nothing to do except tour the cathedral. A cathedral so magnificent, it blocks the sun from all of its inhabitants, yet still, I could happily live and die there. The energy of that wee town made me feel as though I had lived and breathed there centuries ago and I have never experienced that before. It was wonderful!

– Tara, loving, nurturing, optimistic, confident, caring, humourous, understanding, patient >> learn more