man in Superman T-shirt and shorts looking off in distance, downtown

i don’t have all the answers

I grew up roaming the woods, out on the water, with more freedom it seems than kids have today. Now, there is less outdoor imagination and play. I try to encourage my boys to get outside and explore any chance they can. To figure out who they are without technology and without the pressures of what society wants them to be.

Being a parent is hard. But I aim to be a good role model, raise my kids right. I don’t have all the answers. I’m always adapting, learning. Fatherhood changes everything. I hope I teach my boys how to succeed in life, to never give up and to follow through on what they want.

– Jeremy, father of two budding comedians, northern boy, BBQ/campfire kinda man, loves the heat, outdoors and boating, hands-on, hardworking, putterer