all about saying thank you

Man with glasses on in blue Ford old car

Giving back isn’t about getting your company name on a plaque in a hospital or having your picture taken for the local paper. To me, it’s all about saying thank you to the people in the community who enabled us to give in the first place.

When it comes to volunteering and providing financial support to the communities in which we operate, we are very proud of what our teams have allowed us to contribute. Becoming a leader in any community is all about your team. They are the ones who typically live in the community, therefore by providing financial assistance to different organizations and charities, it makes our communities a better place to live for our team and their families.

One of our group’s core values is engagement. When you have engaged employees, it quickly leads to engaged customers. Customers who visit your establishment want to feel welcomed and want to develop relationships based on trust. Success in any given business is largely dependent on a first impression. By giving back to the community, you demonstrate your commitment that you truly want to be a part of its continued growth.

– Mike, adaptable, determined, driven, enterprising, leader, tenacious >> learn more