man and his daughter downtown Barrie

life is not as complicated as it once was for me

The people of barrie project gave me an hour of quality time with my family – talking about my answers to the BIG life questions asked, lying on the bed laughing, cuddling and joking around. That is as good as life gets for me. It also provided me with the opportunity for a super lunch date and photo with my daughter!

Life is not as complicated as it once was for me. Hard work, honesty, having understanding and compassion for others seems to get me through fairly well. I am constantly analyzing my behaviour to make sure it is the best it can be for my kids to learn from. I try to learn from my mistakes and think of them often, almost too much. My kids know that I always keep my promises, and I am very careful what I promise (LOL). I always make good on my bets, and, I make very few bets. Always be on time and “on time” is being early.

Being involved with my kids has helped me stay in shape. My boys and I have taken karate classes together for the past 10 years. I would recommend this to anyone.

– Darick, guitar player, golfer, avid karate devoteé, never gives up and is always on time >> learn more


For me, friendship is when you and your friend are not afraid to be yourself around each other. They come through your door and say, “I am home.”

– Julia, dancer, daughter, friend and Canada’s Wonderland fanatic