turning negatives into positives

man in red long-sleeve top and grey pants meditating in a garden

Pain manifests itself continually, from the 34 years of martial arts and a rare form of arthritis I have. But I walk the talk and when I teach there are good outcomes from bad situations, I really believe that to be true.

Positive thoughts lead to positive actions. It’s the only way we can heal and excel, through the art of self, creating that reality one day at a time.

Pain is something we have to live with, in so many forms both physical and mental, but suffering isn’t a place we have to be in or stay. Motivation comes from within, turning negatives into positives. Reflection lets us take stock of the situation… but it is only the launching point. When we change should have to can, we take responsibility, allowing us to grow and move forward.

I believe we need to explore all possible avenues to better ourselves. We can only help and protect others when we have built that framework inside and that positive energy radiates from our own spirit.

– Mark, teacher, anti-bullying advocate, honourable, funny, humble, honest, loving, kind, outdoorsman, sincere, wise, mentor, alternative therapies advocate, nurturer, husband, father, dynamo, facilitator, eastern philosopher >> learn more